Friday, October 10, 2014

Just look at these gorgeous threads that arrived from Germany.
And guess what?
They have been named after me. How wicked is that.
They are from Anne Lange who also has other threads named after different textile artists: Sandra Meech, Richard Box, Marilyn Pipe, Janet Edmonds.
So I'm not totally unique but what an honour to have threads named after you. :)

This year is the first year I have been unable to go to Ally Pally since the very first show. I have all the programmes from the shows (how sad is that) but will be missing the one for 2014. 
Back, legs and knees have been really bad,finding it very difficult to walk and I just couldn't face it. Finally went to the doctor, thought it was either Sciatica or hips but he pulled my legs about for some time and decided it is Lumbago - what an old fashioned word that is. Anyway, he has given me some really strong painkillers and advised me to walk more to loosen up the muscles. They are beginning to work already so maybe, just maybe I might make it on Sunday.
Trying to convince husband that I really do need to get me a puppy very soon to encourage me to walk more and of course it really needs to be two Labs so that they can keep each other company. Still got a way to go with that one!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In Residence at ArtVanGo

Big day tomorrow - Thursday.
I am 'In Residence' with Clare Bullock and Sharon Osborn at ArtVanGo.
It's going to be a great day.
Why not come along, have a coffee and a chat and see what we are up to?
And, of course, a bit of retail therapy always goes down well. :)
Also a good opportunity to catch the Spectrum exhibition mentored by Gina Ferrari which is on until 5th April.
Hope to see you there.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Not sure I feel comfortable about using the blog for this but, I have one of these for sale if anyone is interested.
A Pazzles Inspiration Creative Electronic Die Cutter.
It connects to your computer, similar to a printer, but instead of printing, the Inspiration uses a small blade to die cut your designs.  You can cut pre-loaded designs or more importantly can create your own. The Inspiration is capable of cutting much more than just paper and cards, from light plastics to chipboard, fabric to rubber stamp material, thin metal to fun foam. You can even draw, engrave, emboss, distress and pierce using the added tools. And because the Inspiration is computerized, you never have to buy expensive cartridges!
Read more about it here: Pazzles

Apart from the USB lead, transformer and original box,  the machine also comes with the following which are all new and unused:
Cutting Mat 12x12"
Embossing Mat 12x12"
CD and Instruction Booklet
Extra CD with bags and boxes
Spare Blade
Emboss Tool
Engraving Tool
Distressing Tool
I have used it for cutting shapes from Pelmet Vilene and Lutradur. And also from other surfaces that I have already prepared i.e. metallic effect surfaces (which is foil bonded to Pelmet Vilene and tissue glued on the surface - see Fabulous Surfaces).
Here are a couple of samples of simple shapes that have been cut.

I think that the only advantage the Brother ScanNCut has over this machine is the fact that it is a stand alone machine whereas the Pazzles Inspiration needs a PC/Laptop etc. to run.

It's a great machine with lots of potential - and I do have a very, very good reason for parting with it.

All spare parts are readily available from Amazon and Ebay.
You can also buy a piercing tool, a pen tool and a 12 x 24" cutting mat along with CD images with different shape templates .

I would like £250 or the nearest sensible offer.

Collection or meeting at some point to hand the machine over would be preferable to posting.

Email me at:

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Another busy week. This time I was in the West Midlands with a lovely group of ladies called 'Inspire'. They had chosen the metallic effect surfaces workshop.
Here are the ladies hard at work:
And these were some of the wonderful samples that were created:
The book covers were also made ready to take home to embellish further.
We then went on to play with Scrunched Scrim and Tyvek with Heat Transfer Foil.
This is Judy with two of her samples. The photograph doesn't show them very well but they look amazing:
And another couple of samples. Not sure whose this one is:
but this one is Francis:
You see, I am getting much better at remembering to take photos. :)

Ended the week with a talk for Enfield Embroiderers Guild yesterday. I was aware that I knew one member of this guild, Jo, but was surprised at the amount of faces I recognised from shows and workshops.

My diary is fairly empty for this week so I intend to get down to working towards the exhibition that I have coming up with Pauline Verrinder at ArtVanGo in April and the exhibition with 'Connected' in Coventry Cathedral in August. I have one piece completed for Coventry so only have a few pieces left to go.....!!!

Speaking of ArtVanGo, it is their 25th anniversary this year and the workshop programme is amazing. They have lined up some really great tutors for this year: Kim Thittachai - Clare Bullock -  Hilary Beattie - Angie Hughes - Gina Ferrari and loads more (including me!). The full programme is not yet on the website but take a look here: ArtVanGo Workshop Programme as I know that bookings are already being made.

Just thinking, I will have to do some work next week or I will have nothing to blog about!
Love the idea of what Maggie Grey is going to be doing on her blog all next week. 
Check it out here: Magstitch

Friday, January 31, 2014


Last weekend I spent teaching at Missenden Abbey. Gina Ferrari has written all about the Abbey on her blog here as she was also there at the weekend teaching her C&G course.

I had a full class of eight students, six of which were from a group called 'Wandering Threads'.

This is Heather. I had already met Heather before at Plas Tan y Bwlch in Wales last year.
More of Heathers work with Lutradur, Xpandaprint and Embossing Powder.
This is Janette - the type of student you always hope for in a class. She gave us a really good laugh and was a good sport.
Alison, Chris and Janette again all working hard.
This is another member of the same group, Jill - goodness knows what she was doing down there!
Jan, on the right of the photo is the sixth member of the group. We also had Jane, in the centre and Bernadine who I didn't manage to get a photo of.
At least I remembered to take photos!

Its ALQS time again - number 8. Details are all here. The deadline is this Monday, 3rd February.
There are 45 names in the pool and so far 23 quilts have been posted. I already have several favourites from the ones that are pictured.
This is my entry for this round. A lot of people have already guessed that.
It hasn't been especially made for this round - that is allowed. Some of you reading this blog will have seen it before. All I have to do is put a back on it.
It is called 'Life's too short too dance with ugly men' - which is what the latin script translates to - and is 45cm square. The background is Cotton Duck machine stitched on to blanket. The Celtic motif is Pumice Gel stencilled on to Kunin Felt. Randomly stitched on to Pelmet Vilene then zapped before stitching to background. The wording has been printed on to dressmaking tissue paper using a laser printer and adhered to the background with Golden Polymer Medium just prior to adding colour. The whole piece has been given a layer of gesso before being coloured with Golden Fluid Acrylic paints in Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Transparent Red Iron Oxide and Paynes Grey.

And that's it for this week. 5 weeks, 5 blogs. I'm managing to keep it up at the moment. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014


This week it was the turn of the Bromley Embroiderers Guild for a talk, and a lovely bunch they were too.
As ever, I wasn't that organised and everything was all over the place:
But I think they all enjoyed it.

It was quite a busy day for me as we did a 'detour' to ArtVanGo on the way to Bromley in Kent to collect a piece of work I had left to be framed.
It's a piece I have finished for the first exhibition of the group Connected that I am part of. The exhibition is at Coventry Cathedral from the 9th - 31st August 2014. All the pieces to be shown have been made in response to items in the cathedral itself and the grounds.
These are a couple of close ups of the piece I have had framed:
The framing has been done by Val of Kendals. She has made a really good job of this, I'm very pleased. I've known Val for a while now as she is at ArtVanGo every Saturday taking orders, so if you need something framed professionally then you know where to go.

On the way back from Bromley we did another detour, this time to Rusper in West Sussex as it is my granddaughter Lotties 6th birthday on Tuesday and she wanted us to have a 'birthday tea' with her.

I did my 'ladies that lunch' bit last week with a few of the members that could make it from 'Fen Edge Textiles':
We went to La Hogue Farm Shop in Chippenham, Cambridge which I can thoroughly recommend.
Sheila looks a bit squiffy in this photo but she wasn't really - I think it was just the thought of the piece of gateau she was about to eat!!!

Still sorting out photos, I should have posted these some time ago. They were sent to me by Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild that I taught a workshop to last June. All the students finished their 'Blades' and 'Quiltlets' and they were all put on display, I think, at their Regional Day, but I may be wrong as I have lost the original email. Apologies if I am.

And once again I can finish with the words - don't they look wonderful?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Number Three

I gave a talk to the Romford Embroiderers Guild last Saturday - and lo and behold I remembered to take some photos. I am going to try and do that with every event I go to this year so that I have a complete record. I always take the camera but nine times out of ten am too busy rushing around to get it out!
These are a selection of the samples and finished pieces I take along with me to a talk.

After the talk I usually give a very quick demonstration and then let the audience (?) come and have a go themselves. At the moment I am demonstrating the Lutradur and Xpandaprint technique which I love. These are some of the ladies of the EG having a go.
While I was downloading these photos I found some still on the card which I had taken at an ArtVanGo workshop last October. It was called  'Fragments to Artefacts' which will also be repeated April 10-11 this year.
We  made 'memory shrines/keepers':
Postcards from fragments:
And a fabric covered canvas either to hang a sample inside like this one:
Or to 'float' a sample on the surface like these:
The pieces for the shrines were hung on an airing horse to dry after the first coat:
And again after the colour had been added:

Don't they look wonderful?